Tips and Variants: The “Master” (familiar with the board) sits at 0000. S/he has the deciding say in any dispute or ruling. Cheating is allowed! Bump the table if you are losing.  If you’ve made a mistake, pieces are moved or you can’t remember whose turn it is, just continue playing as best you can; it usually doesn’t matter much; the game will still be interesting. On any move a player can use dice to change a coordinate of a piece if the space is available; if not, he loses his turn.  S/he rolls two dice of different colors (or one dice twice).  On the first roll, a “1” changes the X axis, a “2” changes the Y axis, a “3” changes the Z axis, and a “4” changes the T axis.  The second roll of 1 or 2 changes that axis to a “0”; a roll of 3 or 4 changes that axis to a “1”; a roll of 5 or 6 changes that axis to a “2”. If the coordinate is the same as before, he loses his turn.  Assign tasks to various coordinates – such as “Marvin Gardens” or “Payday!” for 0102 or “Community Chest” or draw a “LIFE” card for 0202. Different coordinates could be hidden treasure rooms, battle sites, taverns, etc. in Dungeons & Dragons.

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