General Movements

General Movements:

The basic move is by the pawn or checker which is 4” in the X, Y, Z, or T direction.  You can move N/S, E/W, up/down, and back/forth through time from any of 81+ coordinates/spaces using standard checkers, chess pieces or figures to play any number of game on its surface.  The shortest distance between any 2 points is 4”.  Coordinates change by only one unit.  For example a pawn at 0000 can move to 1000, 0100, 0010, or 0001.  Pawns or checkers can also jump (noonk) pieces exactly in the middle of any 2 coordinates. All 3 coordinates must line up.  For example a pawn at 0000 can jump over another piece at 0010 by going to 0020, or can jump over 0111 by going to 0222, etc.  The more “1”s in a coordinate, the easier it is to get noonked.  For this reason the 16 black spaces are safe from being noonked.  Multiple jumps are allowed but jumps stop at the “apex” or a player’s far corner.  Note any piece can jump over the middle.  Jumpers decide whether or not a jumped piece is taken from the board. You can jump over your own pieces.  If a player can’t move, play continues until s/he can.

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