What others are saying about Noonkabored

*Here’s what others are saying about Noonka Bored.  “It’s interesting, brilliant, and simple as 0, 1, 2,”; “as a dart and board game it doesn’t get any better than this”; “infamous 4D game of the 21st century”; “(It will be) in (all) Walmart stores in 7 years”; “It’s like a virtual LSD Trip – without the drugs!”; “It’s more foundational than chess and more fundamental than Monopoly”; “It’s 4D art at its most primeval (mathematical) brilliance”; “Ancient Mayan 4D dart board and board game of pure strategy”; “Game of Gods”; “a hypercube in every home”; “not for brilliant minds only”. “Dart board with a difference”; “Catch the global 4D tidal wave and never be bored again!”; “Wow!”; “I never knew”

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