4D Chess

Rules for chess 2-8 players:  Start on chosen side (not corner).  Pieces are jetEyed or promoted to Bishops or Queens (or Kings in variants) when they reach the opposite side.  Last King standing wins.  A stalemate occurs if no King is taken after 30 moves from when the last pawn leaves the board.  (In variants the one with the most Kings wins).  Kings are jetEyed pawns which can move backwards and forwards. They can jump/noonk as well as attack other pieces one unit away.  Rooks move forward and attack 1 or 2 units (4” or 8”) in a line.  Queens are jetEyed Rooks that move and attack backwards and forwards.  Knights move forward 1 or 2 units but not in a straight line and attack when they move 2 units. They can’t move through another piece.  Bishops are jetEyed knights that can also move and attack backwards.

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