4D Checkers

Rules for checkers 2-8 players: 15-20 minutes:  First decide whether or not jumps are mandatory or not.  Mandatory jumps significantly shorten the game.  1) Start with 4 – 6 pieces around chosen corner (their origin).  Oldest or youngest goes first; play continues clockwise.  2) pawns/checkers move forward 1 unit (4”) in the X, Y, Z, or T directions.  When a piece reaches the far end of a 2D square (e.g. X, Y, Z, or T = 2) then that piece can’t move any farther in this direction even if there appears to be a coordinate 4” away.  For example a piece at 2000 can’t move to 0202 even though it appears (in 2D space) to be 4” away.  Coordinates will change by only one number.  3) jump/noonk if you can.  4) reach the opposite corner (apex) and get “jetEyed” & return one piece back to their origin to win.

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